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Iacopo Di Luigi discovered his passion for photography by chance – and never let him go ever since. The  Leica M9 (at Amazon and eBay) ... is his preferred camera.

Iacopo Di Luigi And His Love For Photography

IacopoDiLuigiPortraitI am an Italian guy, based in London, who made his way to the Visual Effects world through a great passion for cinema, visual art and story telling. I stumbled into photography by chance and it was love at first sight.
The more I was playing with it, the more I came to understand that, compared to a movie, photography was a completely different media. A frozen moment in time, confined into a frame, gives you the possibility of creating a completely fresh and abstract world that lives just one picture that you can stare at for how long you like.
Never really aiming to get beautiful pictures just for the sake of beauty, I wanted to get close (and discover) what I was really interested in about the world, trying to express it in the more personal way possible, so the camera became my passport for it.
Being inspired by many street photography masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Garry Winogrand, Robert Doisneau and many others, I wanted to test myself and see if I could find “magic” in simple moments of our daily life in the big city, and eventually come back with a special view of it that I could share with everyone.

Leica – Small, Quiet and Compact

IacopoDiLuigiPhotos 12Finding myself photographing mostly on the street, I realized that hanging around with a big DSLR wasn’t the right way to go, as it is easy to look like a serious photo journalist. Nowadays every tourist has a big camera hanging from the neck so things have maybe changed, nevertheless I needed a camera which was more simple, small and quite.

I wanted to give a go to rangefinder cameras so I bought an M6 and a superb 35mm Summicron ASPH. For some reason I can’t explain, it suited me like a glove straight away. I learned so much about light and to be careful for every shot, since it was a film camera. After some months of testing I decided to buy the M9, so that I could get back to digital and speed up the process, for professional reasons also.
Using such stealthy camera I am able to get almost all the candid shots I want without being noticed, and I’m able to get shots I couldn’t have never taken with a bigger/louder camera, for examples in theatres, hospitals or in more intimate situations that require to be discrete. Having spent so much time in chasing the “decisive moment”, I have now found new challenges in series of photos and story telling, which help me to explore life even more in depth.
My latest series have involved “behind the scenes” of dance shows, public events like the gay pride, rock concerts and more ongoing projects I am still working on.

My gear: I do most of the job with the Leica M9 (at Amazon and eBay) ..., 50mm f/1.1 Voigtländer, Leica 35mm Summicron ASPH and Leica 135mm APO.

Iacopo has sent us a collection of his work. If you like these then take a look on Iacopo’s webseite.


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