“Luxi” is an iPhone attachment, which turns the smartphone into a light meter. Sounds interesting, but what are the limits of this gadget?

iPhone Exposure Metering

For only $ 25 you get clip-on adapter with an integrating sphere that can be placed over the iPhone camera. The captured image will analyzed by an accompanying app, which then determines the resulting exposure data.

Compared to a conventional light meter this gadget will cost only a fraction. But it only controlled light measurement – neither object nor-flash metering.

The project is funded by the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. This website offers companies  to finance their product development with the help of fans and potential buyers, instead of getting a loan from the bank. The Kickstarter campaign for “Luxi” runs until 7th April, $ 10,000 were  required but the project already collected more than $ 50,000.

We are curious how this accessory works and whether it can compare to conventional light meters, especially in terms of accuracy.

Here is a video with a short explanation:


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