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A few days ago Ethan Chiang mailed us his portfolio with amazing photos of his various street tours – He switched to a Leica M9 a couple of months ago. With this article he wants to show us his reawaken love to the brand of the german camera manufacture and its products:

Ethan Chiang And His Leica Dream

My name is Ethan Chiang, I’m an Overseas Chinese born and raised in Korea, currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan.
A couple of years ago I started taking pictures of interesting people and scenes on the street. I didn’t know what I was doing until one day I saw a Henri-Catier-Bresson book on my friend’s bookshelf, then I realized that the way that I’m taking photos was called “street photography”. I fell in love with this form of photography and since then the streets offered me an endless sources of stories everyday.

I always dreamed about having a Leica M camera since I first start taking photos. At the beginning I was just fascinated by the Leica brand spirit, but I was young and my budget wasn’t enough. Finally, my first Leica was a D-lux 3.
Then I switched to another brand for a couple of years because I wanted to capture my son’s growing. The DSLR were more affordable at that time. Photographing a toddler and a baby requires faster shutter speed, but my Leica M dream was still with me all the time.

Work With Leica M9

Just a couple of months ago, I finally purchased my first Leica M camera – a M9 with 50mm F2 Summicron. I never went back to DSLR since then. I love how Leica slows me down on the street mentally. At the first time I couldn’t get used to the manual focusing of using so many years of DSLRs and compact digital cameras, but Leica’s manual focusing actually makes me think about my objects and compositions more deeply. It put more meanings and thoughts to my shots.
I’d like to share some of my street works and want to show you why I love my Leica M so much.

Here is a small selection of pictures by Ethan Chiang. Who wants to see more should visit his photo blog- Ethan Chiang – In the Streets and his portfolio with pictures from 2009-2012 – Ethan Chiang – Collection


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