The Leica Forum member Jamiewednesday has  presented a new topic for the 19th Digi-Lux Challenge.

Digi-Lux Challenge: “Summer’s End”

The title “Summer’s End / End of Summer” allows a variety of interpretations and calls the entire creative skills of the photographer. Until to 24th October the participants have time to capture photos.

However the challenge is limited in the choice of the photographic tool: The images for the competition have to be captured with a Digilux, V-Lux or D-Lux camera (or their Lumix siblings).


  1. From 10th tto 24th October the participants will have time to photograph
  2. From 24th to 31th the results will be published.
  3. From 31th October to 6th November the winner will be determined in a voting.

We look forward to the results and we will publish them in the L-Forum Blog.
So if you have the time and desire to participate make a click: Digi-Lux Challenge: Summer’s End


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