The Barnack’s Monthly for September titled “Types Of Transport ” has revealed a wealth of excellent works. From this wide range we have selected some pictures and we thank all of the participants for the great results!

The month’s topic for October is: “Something beginning with S“.

Have fun and share some pictures, too!

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  1. As the Original Poster and organiser of Barnack’s Monthly thread I note that your blog article is titled “Types Of Transport – The Results”, which makes it wrongly appear that Barnack’s Monthly is a competition. It is not. The intention of Barnack’s Monthly is to provide an area for L-Camera-Forum members to post pictures on a monthly theme that is free of the stress, expectation, competitiveness and judging that accompany photo competitions, as is set out in the first post each month.

    While I support the promotion that your article may provide for the thread would you kindly remove the words “The Results” from the title of your article please?

    Best regards,

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