Leica M black front

Leica M black frontAfter the Leica M was announced on the photokina 2012 some interesting and varied reports are circulating in the Internet. We have compiled a list of videos and reviews:

Leica M Links

  • The Leica Forum has published a collection of some interesting videos about the new camera.
  • David Farkas of the Red Dot Forum had the opportunity to test the camera at the Leica booth and shares some interesting shots of the new equipment and the features.
  • The guys of the Dpreview Forum had an interview with Jesko von Oeynhausen the product manager of the M-series. They talk about the new features of the Leica M, how to maintain traditional purity and about the new ME and the M Monochrom.
  • In an interview with The British Journal of Photography (BJP) the head of product management Stefan Daniel dashes all hope for an affordable M camera.
  • Eric Kim shares some of his first thoughts about the new Leica M and Leica ME. He is glad, that the image quality and the high-ISO performance have been improved, while the price is still at around the same as the M9 when it was announced on September 9th 2009 in New York.
  • On his blog Steve Huff writes some lines about the new product line and has an interesting conclusion.
  • cNet Asia presents a short Hands-On about the new M. They are impressed of the new snapper’s focus peaking mode.

Some other Leica products:

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