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Leica Lens CodeLeica Forum member Carsten Whimster has done a great job to collect all lens codes used by the Leica M8 and Leica M9. Some time ago he asked to relocate his table to a new place – and here it is!

The Leica Forum Blog now has a new page where you can find all lens codes with useful information:

  • Complete list of codes and lenses
  • Other lenses (non-Leica and older Leica lenses) and fitting codes
  • Templates for coding your lenses.

If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know!

» Leica Lens Codes


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Andreas is Photo Engineer and lives in Bonn, Germany. He runs the international Leica Forum, the Systemkamera Forum (about CSC cameras) and the Fuji X Forum. Google+


  1. That’s an excellent job. Thanks team 🙂

    I will take the original down from my website this evening.

  2. For the Zeiss Biogon T* 2,8/21 ZM, according to your list you say use the code as per Leica #11135… but Zeiss does not even give #11135 a mention at all. Zeiss recommends using #11809 for best results, but also acceptable would be #11134 / #11604 / #11873.

    Once again, for the Zeiss Biogon T* 2,8/21 ZM, Zeiss recommends using #11809 for best results. This is info from Zeiss, as directly requested from them. They have sent me a table listing all Zeiss ZM lenses and the Leica codes that work best for each of them.

    So why do you say on your list to use #11135, please? I would appreciate knowing, thank you.

    • Hi, this table was put together by Carsten and I don’t know his sources.

      Can you send me the Zeiss table? I’ll try to combine the content into one table.


  3. Just to let you know that the tiny graphics for the lens codes don’t show on the PC in the office. Might just be our firewall, but I will check when I get home tonight.

    The hints in the fields above for Name/Email/Website also don’t show on IE9

  4. Having looked at the information Zeiss prepared, I getting the impression that what works for the M8 will NOT work with the M9 in some cases. The list from Zeiss shows that some of the coding for the M9 is for lenses that you would not intuitively expect. Also, you have to do a little a little extra research when using the Zeiss information because it appears that they used the the manual entry approach. Coding a lens may or may not work, depending on the lens mount.

  5. Professional work. Many thanks.

    I’ve taken the Original down from my website.

  6. The table was prepared for the M8, with inputs from readers in the original thread, from Sean Reid. who does tests for vignetting correction in his reviews and frequently compared Zeiss T* lenses and Voightlaender lenses to Leica’s, and about a year later from Dante Stella. Some suggestions based on user’s tests with the M9 may have been added later. Manual assignment is possible on the M9, but was not on the M8, and only allows you to assign a lens to impersonate a Leica lens if the Leica lens was released at some point without 6-bit coding. So there is still a role for Sharpie-coding (or Goth black and white nail polish): foreign lenses on the M8, and impersonating the newer Leica lenses on either M8 or M9. The firmware was extensively redone for the M9, and this should have included the vignetting corrections, if only since the image is of different dimension. So it is not obvious that the best vignetting correction for a Zeiss lens is the same on the M9 as on the M8.

    Other commenters on the early Forums whose opinions on this subject you can trust are Sandy McGuffog (of Cornerfix) and Mark Norton.

  7. Hi, the graphic for the lens code is blank on my system too.

    I use an iMac and Safari.

  8. Agreed excellent job and so useful that I printed the entire chart right away! Great stuff thanks guys 🙂

  9. The code for the 21/3.4 super Elmar is shown in a picture on the Popflash website. It looks like 110011 = 51 (one more than the code for the 24 SEM). That is missing from the table.

  10. The Match Technical lens coder kit for Zeiss ZM lenses recommends the Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 (II) code for the Sonnar ZM 50mm f/1.5, unlike the chart, which specifies the Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH. This makes sense, as the Sonnar is not an ASPH lens (it’s based on a very old Zeiss design).

    Match Technical: 000101
    Lens Code Chart at L Camera Forum: 100000

    Any opinions on this, preferably based on measurable data? And does the M8/M9 question come into play?

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