Here is the current list of Leica links. Eric Kim tested the new LEICA M MONOCHROM for their suitability in street photography.  Jonathan van Smit, Charalampos Kydonaki and Lasse Jorgensen present some fantastic photos on their blogs and Scott Wyden Kivowitz explains why he now takes photos with a Leica M9 (at Amazon and eBay) .... We present the winners of the Leica Mini Challenge and PetaPixel points out some common mistakes in photography. Enjoy!

Test & Reviews

  • Eric Kim presents a detailed review of the new LEICA M MONOCHROM. Not a detailed technical report, as Eric reports from the perspective of the street photography.

Blogs & Portfolio

  • Jonathan van Smit shows how to engage the viewer with his pictures. He creates a very intimate contact with Hong Kong city, its walls and streets, its men and ladies and sometimes its smell.
  • The  LeicaLiker blog introduces the Greek photographer Charalampos Kydonakis. In this short interview he talks about his habits, his idols and his path to photography.
  • Dirty Blog is the blog of Charalampos Kydonakis aka Dirty Harry. He presents a wealth of stunning photographs and projects.
  • Lasse Jorgensen has acquired a new LEICA X2 (at Amazon and eBay) ... and talks on Steve Huff’s blog about his first experience with the latest model of the X-series.
  • On Scott Wyden Kivowitz lists six reasons why he switched to the Leica M9 (at Amazon and eBay) ....


  • The winners of the latest Leica Mini Challenge are presented in the L-Forum Blog.
  • PetaPixel lists common mistakes in photography and gives some tips how to avoid them.
  • Leica Forum – Our forum member Ingrid presents the new monthly topic for July: Balconies / Balustrades / Bay window. Take part and present your interpretation of the topic!

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