Here is the current list of Leica links. The list starts  with Ming Thein and a comparison between the Leica S2-P and the Nikon D800E. Then Bob Callaway talks about his one-year experience with the Leica M9 (at Amazon and eBay) ... and Josh White shows great shots of the Pride Parade in Toronto. Furthermore we would like to point out to the blogs and portfolios of Daniel Maissan, Yorric Zijlstra and Fabio Rodrigues and draw attention to the interesting documentary on Petapixel. Enjoy!

Test & Reviews

  • Ming Thein has compared the Leica S2-P with the new Nikon D800E. In Theins opinion The Battle of the Giants ended in a draw and he doesn’t know which camera he would prefer.

Blogs & Portfolio

  • On the Leica Blog Bob Callaway describes his first year as a Leica M9 (at Amazon and eBay) ... owner.
  • Josh White has added some impressive pictures of the yearly Toronto Pride Parade to his portfolio.
  • “A Man With A Leica” is the outstanding photo blog of freelance photographer Daniel Maissan, who writes about his experiences with the Leica M9 (at Amazon and eBay) ... and presents a wealth of creative images.
  • On its website Yorrick Zijlstra presents both his portfolio with great images as well as his blog that he updates regularly.
  • Fabio Rodrigues shows some of his amazing pictures on his portfolio.


  • The Voting for the fourth Leica Mini Challenge in the Leica forum is over. The winner will be announced shortly.
  • PetaPixel presents this interesting documentary about the current state of technology in photography.

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