Here is the current list of Leica and photography weblinks. Adorama had the opportunity to test the new LEICA X2 (at Amazon and eBay) ... from an other point of view and Focus Numerique reviewed in the other hand the LEICA M MONOCHROM (at Dale Photo and Adorama) . In addition we have the documentary photographer Jeroen Helmink who shows some unusual photos, a video portrait of the Leica employee Alexander George and another part of Bellamy Hunt “in your bag” series. Enjoy!

Test & Reviews.

  • Adorama has pblished a LEICA X2 test with the focus on street photography.
  • Focus Numerique compares the new LEICA M MONOCHROME with the Leica M6 (at L-Deals). The page was translated from French into English with google Translator.
  • Ming Thein has taken some more shots with the LEICA M MONOCHROME and presents some nice pictures on his website – of course only in black and white.

Blogs & Portfolio

  • The Mini Challenge is currently taking place in the Leica Forum. Each forum member who is in possession of one of the listed cameras can participate.
  • Eric Kim presents an unusual series of photos of the Danish documentary photographer Jeroen Helmink: Can Places Have a Soul Without People?
  • Leica Blog – In the latest ” Leica. My Life” series Alexander George talks about his work at Leica Camera and his hobby –  Thai boxing.
  • Bellamy Hunt has provided a picture of Jimmy Tong’s photo bag  on his webpage. This contains a lot of digital stuff.


  • PetaPixel presents a very interesting video that shows the street photographer Scott Schuman at his work in Madrid.

Leica Deals

New Leica Products available for pre-order

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