Here is the current list of Leica links. Steve Huff presents us the latest part of his “Crazy Comparison” series and compares the LEICA X2 (at Amazon and eBay) ... with the Nikon J1. We also recommend portfolios and blogs of Jack Simon, Siegfried Hansen, Stephan and Thomas, and the guest post by Jean-Baptiste Meriem. Art Strieber has captured 116 Hollywood stars on a photo and the Caffenol blog presents us another uncommon developer: wine. Enjoy!

Test & Reviews

  • Steve Huff compares the LEICA X2 (at Amazon and eBay) ... and the Nikon J1 and comes to a surprising result in the latest series of his “Crazy Comparison” . The J1 impresses with a brilliant sharpness while the Leica X2 has warmer and less-noise images.

Blogs & Portfolio

  • In his second guest post Jean-Baptiste Meriem describes his way into photography, especially street photography – interesting and inspiring.
  • Siegfried Hansen is a German street photographer, in his portfolio you’ll find some of his great shots.
  • On the D&K-Photoblog the two photographers Thomas and Dominik are presenting some of their great work. Both are Leica photographers.
  • Jack Simon has a really impressive and broad portfolio with amazing projects and great pictures.


  • Art Streiber had the opportunity to capture 116 famous Hollywood stars on one picture.
  • The Caffenol Blog has discovered an uncommon developer: wine. The resulting colors are dark and the picture appears with a red tint.

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