Here is the current list of Leica links. Eric Kim and Rinzi Ruiz present in a short hands-on video the new LEICA M MONOCHROM. In addition, both will run a street photography workshop in downtown LA at the end of June. Bellamy Hunt gives us a look into the camera bag of forum member Stephen Patterson, Scott Wyden tells us how to choose the right print labs and Aaron Hardin talks about his trip around the world with his faithful companion, a Leica M4-P. Finally we have a few tips for technical tinkerers and Romina Amato elaborates on what makes a great sports photographer. Enjoy!

Test & Reviews

  • In Los Angeles Eric Kim and Rinzi Ruiz were on the road with the new LEICA M MONOCHROME and recorded a little hands-on video.

Blogs & Portfolio

  • Bellamy Hunt aka Japan Camera Hunter gives a glimpse into the camera bag of forum member Stephen Patterson, who lives in central China where he has opened a foreign language academy.
  • In his guest post Aaron Hardin describes his photographic equipment with which he has traveled all over the world. It contains a Leica M4-P, one lens, light meter and the necessary amount of photo film.
  • Josh Gooden runs a very interesting blog about photography and cinematography. He also has a preference for Leica cameras.
  • Scott Wyden gives ten tipps how to juege print labs – a must for any film photographer.
  • On his blog Jati Lindsay  presents some impressive black and white photographs of the DC Jazzfest. Jati mainly uses the Leica M6 for his work.


  • Eric Kim invites for another street photography workshop with Rinzi Ruiz in Los Angeles.
  • On fiberstrobe you can find an inexpensive way to build flash sync cable. Everything you need is: a cardboard, duck tape, optical fiber and a couple of LEGO bricks.
  • On PetaPixel  the Swiss photographer Romina Amato explains what makes a good sports photographer.

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