Leica has published a new firmware update for the medium format system Leica S2. According to Leica the software includes the following improvements:

  • Support of the recently introduced Leica Hasselblad adapter Leica S-Adapter-H.
  • Improvement of flash synchronization with focal-plane shutter at 1/125 sec.

Registered customers can download the new Firmware here: Leica Firmware


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  1. I do not know how to register for my LEICA S2P New Firmware Update;
    Version: was installed by the Manufacturer.
    Please if U can help me how to Register.
    My LEICA S2P Ser. No:# 3832367,
    My LEICA APO- ELMAR- S, 1: 3.5, 180mm SLR Lense.
    Thanx LEICA.
    Tomislav V. Stanich

  2. It was un easy task Though.
    I just contact to LEICA and they were moe than corteous about my request. I was kindly inctructed to Separate the Camera body from the multifunctional Grip.
    Only THAN it was possible to dawnload the new Firmware Update:
    Thanx in advance and greta Regards:
    Tomislav V,. Stanich

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