On May 10th Leica introduced the LEICA M MONOCHROM – a digital camera exclusively black-and-white photography.
The Leica Forum had the privilege to test prior to the launch a prototype of the LEICA M MONOCHROM – which we present in this video.
Disclaimer: I’m no native speaker, so please forgive me my not so perfect English ­čśë

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Andreas is Photo Engineer and lives in Bonn, Germany. He runs the international Leica Forum, the Systemkamera Forum (about CSC cameras) and the Fuji X Forum. Google+


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  2. Thanks for this insightful view of the new standard of digital b/w photography, and for the beautiful images. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  3. Good succinct review.
    The only thing I would have like to have seen would be images taken by an M9/P
    of the same subjects.
    Clearly the Monochrome has a far greater EV latitude, esp in low light.

  4. Andreas,
    Thanks for the interesting review. This camera will annoy a lot of people; “The dogs will always bark at ships with silken sails”.
    I think it will occupy a niche, probably a rather small one.
    It would be very interesting to view some large prints.
    There is absolutely no need to apologize for your English.

  5. Um, no offense, but why would anyone pay the kind of money this M Monochrome camera costs just to take black and white photographs? I get the idea that the glass is really, really good. In fact, I use the glass on my Fuji X-Pro 1 and I can take monochrome images with it for a heck of a lot less money. My guess is that the real Leicaphiles are going to be very disappointed that the announcement was not an M10 with a full frame and really sharp images at the high ISO’s. Whoever dreamed this concept up should be forced to use an M8 in candlelight.

  6. Congratulations on the camera and the short review. Leica is on the niche interest again coming up with extreme equipment and hopefully extreme picture results. Should be compared with M9 images. Waiting for test shots @ 10000 ISO in less then available light conditions. How does it work with wide open Noctilux? Price tags are the constant weak points of all Leica gears. They can never match the right figures but that seems to be a traditions. Hope they work on that too.

  7. Truly a ridiculous product; 20% more expensive than an M9 for less camera!
    The M9 takes fabulous colour and monochrome images. This new mono version is a total joke. It should be called ‘the EMP version’ with EMP standing for the Emperor’s New Clothes because this is a total marketing rip off.
    I have an M9; this mono thing might have a niche but it should be half the price.
    If anyone wants great mono shots they might consider an M2 or M3 for under a thousand bucks.
    I fear Leica have lost the plot….

  8. Thank you for the video Andreas.
    Yes I think it’s a very interesting camera, but I can’t stomach the price. The M9 was almost too much for me, but I pushed myself to get one and am very happy with it. This one, no, I just can’t do it unfortunately.
    For proper B&W I will, for the time being, keep on with my M6 & Leica lenses and printed the dark old way on a Leitz V35 enlarger with Schneider 40mm APO lens…… a combination of which I think would still beat this camera.
    By the way…. and I am quite serious with this (even if I sound shallow!)…. where did you get that brown jacket you wear in the video?? I’ve been looking for just such one. Hope you can tell me where please.
    Many thanks!

  9. It’s the perfect camera for the arty wealthy fool.

  10. Don’t feel the need to apologise for your English. I wish my German was as good.

  11. wo ist denn hier der +1 button?

  12. Interesting move of Leica to actually release a BW only camera. I am not settled on whether I believe it was a smart move or a silly move. Time will tell though for sure.

  13. It is very Leica to create a product that is essentially, totally new to the modern photographic community. Yes, my M9 makes great B&W images, but I am always eager to have something better. Based upon the response so far, it looks like this camera will be a great success. I ordered mine today:)

  14. what a lovely camera and I can see why it is priced above the M9. that was a great review. thank you very much and good luck to leica

  15. I would like a better understanding of the sensor technology. I would assume the resolution could be tripled by not assigning three pixels to create one pixel of color. What is the mega pixel number? The 100% shots where not that impressive.

    I realize you alluded to the sensor having the same resolution as the color sensor. Also who is making the sensor? Is Kodak still producing sensors or has the sensor division been sold?

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