Here is the current list of Leica and photography weblinks. Today dpreview begins with a detailed test report about the Leica M9P. While Leica & Magnum introduces a new  photo essay,  Dan Milnor and Michael Bock are presenting their favorite Leica M cameras. We have also portfolios of Bert Meyer, Joyce Ilg –  and Jim Zuckerman shows how to take perfect sunrise shots. Finally Japan Camera Hunter Bellamy Hunt  allows an insight into his own camera bag. Enjoy!

Test & Reviews

  • dpreview had the opportunity to test the Leica M9P with a wide range of lenses. The article includes the experiences and the test results.

Blogs & Portfolio

  • Leica & Magnum introduced the photo essay of the photographer Chien-Chi Chang in their latest video. In this essay Chang documents the development of Chinatown in New York between 1992 and 2011.
  • Ming Thein has compiled a photo essay on the topic of “Electric Trees” . The images were all captured with a Leica X1 (here at L-Deals).
  • Dan Milnor talks on the Bluberati blog about his experiences with the Leica M4 (here at L-Deals) and presents some really interesting images.
  • Bert Meyer is a Germany based photographer showing photos that he has taken on his trips with the Leica M8  (here at L-Deals).
  • Michael Bock explains in his commentary why he decided to buy a Leica M5 (here at L-Deals).
  • Joyce Ilg is a freelance photographer in Cologne and had German celebrities in front of her Leica M9 (here at L-Deals) like Collien Fernandes, Clueso and Eko Fresh.


  • In this video Jim Zuckerman explains very clearly and in a number of variations, how you can photograph a sunrise.
  • Bellamy Hunt shows what he has in his own photo bag for the first time.

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