Here is the current list Leica and photography weblinks. Today the website of Ken Rockwell and The Phoblographer offer several reviews. We also have numerous blog entries from the Leica blog, Eric Kim, Bellamy Hunt and Sean Kelly Conway, who travels one year in South Korea with his Leica M6. And PetaPixel presents an amazing video of the “Holi Festival of Colors” in India.  Enjoy!

Test & Reviews

  • Ken Rockwell – aka as Chuck Norris of photography provides reviews and hands-on about Leica and photograpghy in abundance.

Blogs & Portfolios

  • Leica Blog: The photographer Gigi Stoll shares images and stories sbout the Sio Port Clinic in Kenya.
  • Eric Kim had the opportunity to talk with Stu Egan, founder of the Radiate Magazine for street photographers.
  • David Powell provides insights into his photo bag, including digital and film Leica cameras, with an amazing selection of lenses.
  • Sean Kelly Conway shows new B&W images of his one-year trip with the Leica M6 in his backpack.


  • New Leica Store opend in Tokio. Take a look at the video provided by Leica Camera.
  • PetaPixel presents colorful and impressive slow-motion shots of the Holi festival – the Indian spring festival.

Forum Discussions

  • Why Leica M9? A Forum member has decided to get rid of his Nikon gear and to get a Leica M9.

Leica Deals


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