The Leica User Forum Book 2012 is almost finished: Image selection and layout are done, and as soon the last foreword arrives the book can be ordered online!

The book is a follow up book to the one we did in 2010. The first one raised over £12,500 (about €15,000) for the charity The Association for International Cancer Research.

This year, £10 will be donated to the charity from the sale of each book. We have raised over £3,800 so far, through the donations for the entries to be judged. Members were invited to submit up to 3 entries for judging, and had to donate £10 per entry to the charity. This year there were 267 entries, which were judged by senior forum members, anonymously, who chose the 100 favourite photographs.

Applause and special thanks to Andy Barton: This year he mastered the whole organization and the publishing process!

As soon as the book is available online we’ll send you an update – and we are hoping for good sales for a good cause!
I had the privilege to sneak a peek in a preliminary version of the book – and it’s fantastic!

» Forum thread with updates about the book
» All image entries on Andy Barton’s website

About The Author

Andreas is Photo Engineer and lives in Bonn, Germany. He runs the international Leica Forum, the Systemkamera Forum (about CSC cameras) and the Fuji X Forum. Google+


  1. Thank you Andreas

    Once we receive the final foreword, the book will just take a day or two to be published. Don’t worry about me not letting you know 🙂

  2. I am very disapointed in the flash quality of the V Lux 30 ..I had V Lux 20 and had the same it me or the camera????

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