Don’t shoot standing up, Don’t shoot street performers or the homeless, Don’t waste time focusing. These are some advices by Eric Kim in his article about “10 Things Not To Do As a Street Photographer”:

I just finished reading The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, where he discusses many misconceptions and fallacies that we face as humans. He talks from a scientific-philosophical viewpoint, and has many fascinating insights.

One of them was about knowledge—and that it isn’t necessarily additive—rather something subtractive. For example, a good stock-broker won’t tell you what to do, but rather what not to do.

Therefore for this blog post I will share some of my insights and experiences in street photography in terms of what not to do. Hopefully this will help you get more compelling images when out on the streets!

Read the full article: 10 Things Not To Do As a Street Photographer

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