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Don’t shoot standing up, Don’t shoot street performers or the homeless, Don’t waste time focusing. These are some advices by Eric Kim in his article about “10 Things Not To Do As a Street Photographer”: I just finished reading The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, where he discusses many misconceptions and fallacies that we […]

On his latest guest post for The Leica Blog Egor talks about respect for your subjects. I photograph people. On the streets and in public places, my eye and my camera keep a vigilant lookout for the little nuances that help define what it means to be human. Because of this somewhat curious behaviour, I’ve […]

NEW: LEICA CAMERA ANNOUNCES S2 FIRMWARE UPDATE FW Latest update supports the Leica Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH wide-angle lens Solms, Germany (December 19, 2011) – Leica Camera AG continues its commitment to the ongoing development of the Leica S medium format system with a new firmware update, FW This fifth firmware update is […]

Kai Wiesinger “Wunderkinder” from Leica Camera on Vimeo. The German actor Kai Wiesinger documenting the production from the movie “Wunderkinder” with his Leica M8. His love of photography Kai Wiesinger inherited from his father who worked as a reporter. via Kai Wiesinger: Wunderkinder

Jens Franke completed a 100-day hike through Germany. On The Leica Blog he shares pictures and the story of his trip Q: Jens, what gave you the idea to spend 100 days on a hike through Germany? What prompted you to undertake this journey and what did you do to realise the idea? A: I […]

A very interesting report about the photographer Ilse Bing (1899-1998), which came to be known as “Queen of the Leica” in the 1930s In Three Days of the Condor, a CIA agent played by Robert Redford says that photographic work of his new acquaintance (Faye Dunaway) epitomize desolation. When I look at Ilse Bing photographs, […]