Dave from ShootTokyo presents his own interesting Leica M9 review with some amazing pictures from the streets of Tokyo:

Finding the Leica M9

Most Leica shooters I have met have an interesting story of how they became Leica shooters. The lucky ones inherited a box of Leica lens and an old Leica camera from a father, grandfather or uncle.  Others were introduced through a friend and others of us by chance.  I had my first encounter with Leica at a photography workshop a few years ago.  I remember we were all meeting up outside one of the stations before heading to the location together.  As I placed my rather heavy Think Tank camera bag holding my Canon 5DMKII with enough lenses, filters and accessories to allow me to capture whatever photographic challenge came before me.   I noticed one guy standing there who was clearly out of place.   He was holding a small black camera with a small lens and he had a little camera bag with an extra and also small lens in it.  I honestly thought to myself what is he doing here?  This workshop is for people who are serious about photography!

I watched him shooting through the day.   He just seemed out of place to me.  I was always tweaking my different settings making sure I was going to be able to capture the perfect shot along with the rest the group. He seems to be just focused on taking pictures. God it annoyed me.  What is this guy and his silly camera doing amongst us?   I couldn’t help but be intrigued, confused, by watching him.  I asked him a few questions about the camera as I was really attracted to the size.   I found all of the lines and numbers on the lens a little confusing but I always wanted a small little camera I could throw in briefcase and carry everywhere with me.  I was pretty sure I found what I was looking for.

I casually mentioned to my wife over dinner that I was thinking about picking up a smaller camera to my Canon as a second point and shoot.   She agreed and off to the web I went to scout out my new Leica.  Something was serious wrong with this site I though when it returned $7,000 for the body only!  Huh?  What?  A lens is an additional $4-5,000 US Dollars?   This can’t be right.   What could possibly make a camera worth that?  There is no way I am spending $12,000 on a that!

The Leica shooter took a few photos of me at the workshop and send me the photos along with a link to his portfolio.   I was mesmerized by looking at his photos.  I spent hours looking at his photos. They had a quality to them I haven’t seen before.  I had a Canon 5DMKII and 9 L Series Lenses.   Am I using them wrong?   Maybe it was because he was shooting in Black and White?   I converted my pictures to Black and White but still didn’t look the same.   They had a level of detail I haven’t seen before.   A contrast I found very attractive.  I couldn’t stop looking at Leica images.  After a surprisingly short and successful conversation with an extremely understanding wife, I purchased my Leica M9 with a Summilux 35mm f/1.4.   This day changed my photography forever…

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