The Global Editor for The Creators Project, Julia Kaganskiy shows her favorite spots in NYC as part of the place2be series:

Conservatory Pond, Central Park

I rarely make it out of the city, so when I’m in need of a little nature and a little fall foliage, Central Park provides the perfect escape. On one sunny Saturday afternoon, my place2be was on a bench at the Conservatory Pond in Central Park, where I watched families sail model boats and bird watchers scope out the famous hawks that flock to the area. It’s peaceful, gorgeous, and a great place to forget that you’re in New York even though its on of the city’s most iconic spots.


Carsten Höller show at the New Museum

Everyone’s talking about the 102 ft slide that’s currently bisecting the New Museum, providing an “alternative means of transportation” that carries visitors from the 4th floor to the 2nd. For me, however, the real reason to visit the show is this lovely mirrored carousel. Holler’s work is all about creating disorienting and unusual sensory experiences that play with our sense of perception, and for me, this piece is one of his most effective and most beautiful. The warped amusement ride moves at a barely perceptible crawl, while the reflective exterior plays with your sense of space and turns the room in on itself. The overall effect is soothing, transfixing and slightly kaleidoscopic.

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