Does Leica have „one more thing“ for photokina?

This morning I found in my  myilabox an invitation for a „Leica Design Preview“ – in Cologne and on photokina’s eve. With a similar event Leica introduced the LEICA S2 exactly two years ago…

I’m going to post here details of the invitation step by step thus trying to boost the excitement 😉

Monday evening (photokina’s eve) I’m going to report live from Cologne, this year via Twitter in order not to wreck the Leica Forum web server by your requests.

My recommendation: Don’t make any other appointments for Monday evening (8 pm CEST), ut some beer in the fridge and follow the Leica Forum twitter feed!

» Leica Forum @ Twitter

[Update 2010-09-18 #1] Here is one more detail…

[Update 2010-09-18 #2] And another detail: Interesting quote…

[Update 2010-09-19 #1] Here’s the full invitation

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this. Just waiting for a chance to shake off the shackles of my Canon 5D MKII and buy a Leica. Assuming it will be good for landscape of course.

  2. […] Leica Camera Forum has been invited for a „Leica Design Preview“ at Photokina. Leicarumors believes we will see a Leica EVIL system. The administrator from LeicaCameraForum will be there on Monday evening (photokina’s eve) to report live from Cologne and says “Don’t make any other appointments for Monday evening (8 pm CEST), ut some beer in the fridge and follow the Leica Forum twitter feed!” […]

  3. It could look like a small camera considering the stitching size in relation to the leather.

    But I will use this time for my own prediction. I will claim a free espresso for each of the following I’m right on:
    Mini-M, 18-24 MP, compatible with M and R and film primes, internal AF, new series lenses (are the film primes?), possible 3rd part adapters for other brand lenses, digital viewfinder, looks like a reshaped and redesigned Digilux 3, more towards a Digilux2/M9 creature. Priced below M9. Discussion will be about buffer sizes and video and precision of focus on different lenses (floating elements and focus shift). ISO will be sufficient.
    Aimed at a lifestyle segment (hence the small design and leather case) “in the industry” (photo journalists, film people, photo students, photo amateurs) and leads towards being actual M shooter.

    On top of this possibly a Mini-S or simply an RtoS adapter for those serious about using R glasses on a “real” camera (but current R users will never in large numbers buy a full-blown R solution for the price that would cost).

    Wild guesses. Perhaps we will see just another V-Lux and an X1 in black, and a load of special editions M9 cameras in blue, red, brown and all

  4. […] EVIL train, that’s worth shouting from the rooftops. That seems to be what is indicated by these mysterious stamps on invitations to an event on Monday; the form factor recalls earlier rumors of a mirrorless, […]

  5. I seriously hope it’s an EViL camera and not the darn Hermes M9

  6. […] ライカの公式ブログでフォトキナのプレビュー記事がアップされています。 フォトキナ開催に合わせてイベントが開催されるようで、下のような切手イメージ画像が貼られています。 […]

  7. Leica already said they wouldn’t introduced a 4/3 camera simply because of the sensor not being large enough to fulfill their needs.

    So, sorry, all your hope is lost buddy.

  8. Thorsten,

    That is a halfway decent call, at least in that Leica have the pieces required for making those. I would write a check for a Mini-M or a Mini S on the spot, and am guessing quite a few others feel the same way.

    Hope I have to send you a giftcard for a couple of shots of espresso.


  9. Hi Andreas. Why not just sign as Andreas? You have a cool couple of sites going on and you really should take part in the best part… the social interactions they/you provide, IMHO.


  10. AF with M lenses makes no sense as it cannot be done. Pure dreaming IMHO.

  11. Anyone out there read German? On the image of the invitation I see the Leica emblem and in the upper right corner Volkswagen Group. What is that about?

  12. On the invitation it says that they will present a limited special edition of a (new?) camera, designed in collaboration with Volkswagen.

  13. It seems to be some sort of collaboration between Leica and Volkswagen as the invitation mentions both and is signed by both Alfred Schopf of Leica and Walter de Silva of Volkswagen.

  14. Hmm… a collaboration between Leica and Volkswagen.. Buy a Leica get a Volkswagen free?

  15. Here is pictured an hypothetic M9 titan limited serie…

    For heavy wallets only!

  16. “Leica already said they wouldn’t introduced a 4/3 camera simply because…”

    Hey Robbie, remember when Leica said they wouldn’t introduce a digital rangefinder. Or when they said, after they did introduce the rangefinder, that they wouldn’t be doing a full frame version?

  17. I’d like to see a Leica M10 film rangefinder with image stabilization, date imprinted between the frames the way the Contax RX did in 1994, and GPS.

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