We have a winner image in the „Indications Of Spring“ contest: „Poppies in the rain“ by maurizio!

Winner image „Poppies in the rain“ by maurizio

Here’s the mail from our sponsor Sonic Media publishing house:

The Sonic Media Verlag appreciates the wonderful contributions of the Leica Forum community to our corporate photo competition “Indications Of Spring” and the precious cooperation and assistance by the leica forum editor.
Maurizio B. shot the winning photo. His picture „Poppies in the rain“ will be published as  competition winner in the special issue “Foto-Ratgeber Digitale Spiegelreflexkamera” of the magazine Photoshop creative.
Two further pictures pleased us so much, that we are going to print them additionally in between the inspiration-track of this special issue: „Spring is coming to Barcelona?“ of David. C. und „End of winter, spring around the corner“ of Lutz F.
Thanks a lot for your special creativity and the great quality.
„Spring is coming“ by vizzo and „End Of Winter“ by Lutz Forkert

About The Author

Andreas is Photo Engineer and lives in Bonn, Germany. He runs the international Leica Forum, the Systemkamera Forum (about CSC cameras) and the Fuji X Forum. Google+


  1. I find the winning image less than appealing: nature, but hardly at its most natural or attractive. It looks like a studio setup – again, where’s the link with Spring? I like the composition of the image, though, as it stands, but a winner…..?

  2. like spring is coming in barcelona…has a story to tell

  3. Nice composition, but no indication coming spring. Unless the the author symboloses dark background with winter? Title should have been different

  4. Congratulations Maurizio.

    Unfortunately spring came too late for the red poppy. I agree with Michael and aslam.

    I do not share the opinion of bobnils although I agree the Barcelona picture can tell a story. I miss the indication for spring is coming, besides the fact that it might be taken in winter time and yes spring comes after winter but ….. One flower, bird or any other sign and I would agree 100%.

    “End of winter” is not at all appealing to me …. too dark, meaningless and the “construction” in the upper left corner disrupts the potential symmetry.

    From these 3, I find the poppies the best because of the bright colored poppies which make me at least feel the spring.

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