On December 6th Leica published a new LEICA M9 Firmware V 1.176 available for download here.

According to Leica these problems were solved:

A firmware update (1.176) eliminating a rare fault occurring during the initialization of the cards will be available for downloading as of Dec. 6th, 2011.

Continued testing has revealed that the function faults registered in the earlier tests were not due to the SD cards.
As a result, we would like to revoke the constrictions made with respect to the compatible cards. Generally speaking, the Leica M9/M9-P is compatible with any SD card that is in accordance with the respective standards. Unfortunately, it is impossible to test the compatibility of every single card of every single supplier.
All cards available from SanDisk have been compatibility-tested and the firmware version 1.1.76 ensures their proper function.

We would explicitly like to thank SanDisk for their intensive technical support while searching for the cause of the fault and express our regrets for having mistakenly stated that certain SanDisk cards may not be compatible with the firmware version 1.174.
Furthermore, we would like to thank all affected customers for their patience and their positive support in searching for the cause of the fault.

About The Author

Leon Baumgardt ist studierter Photoingenieur und leidenschaftlicher Hobbyfotograf. Er ist Redakteur für das Systemkamera und das L-Camera Blog.


  1. The Leica M9 is the best thing that happened to me!

    Merry Christmas & a Happy new Year


    Carl-Johan von Cappelen
    Skovgårds Alle 191
    DK-3500 Værløse
    mobil +45 4014 4055

  2. second best thing for me 🙂 my partner, muy lovely Emily is now the proud owner of an M9, so we have become a two leica family, although I still have my Digilux 1 & 2 🙂

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