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  2. That’s a bit of a challenge as the camera is in a store in Dubai, where mr35mm saw it But, thank you for the helpful info, I am aware of these methods. I have an M7 0.58 and am contemplating an 0.85, haven’t decided if it will be another M7 or an MP yet.
  3. Are some of those markings for couples?
  4. vielen dank......auch für die Klicks
  5. Preference is definitely leaning towards leica. It's easy to edit to get pleasing feel. The worse is probably Fujifilm and P1...
  6. passen Voigtländer Sonnnblenden auch auf Zeiss: VL 1,4 40mm auf ZM 2.0 35 vom Bajonett? meine nicht das Gewinde! Frage 2: gebrauchtes 1,4 40mm MC ohne Besichtigung und ohne Rückgabe kaufen? Es hätte eine originale Sonnenblende dabei. Danke Thomas
  7. hello, march 2020 _ in my city an another classic : the Volkswagen combi... leica m262 + summarit-m50/2.4
  8. The 65mm/f3.5 Elmar Visoflex lens was supposedly made for reprographics work as well. I used to use mine quite a lot when I did some museum archival work. I had the black version 2, which seemed to have a very flat focus field. Sadly it was stolen by a bunch of school kids who were allowed into the work area of the museum. At the time I could not find another Version 2 for sale in the UK so bought a chrome Version 1, which is nothing like as good and has noticeable field curvature. It has therefore sat in a drawer, pretty much unused since I bought it. I swapped to using my 75mm/f2,5 Summarit, whose flat rendition made it very suitable for technical photography. As I don't do museum/archival/technical photography any more, I have supplanted my 75 Summarit with a 7Artisans 75/1.25, the poor man's 75 Noctilux. At the moment, while I am waiting for my 100/2.8 APO Macro-Elmarit-R and ELPRO to make their way from New Zealand to the UK (seems to have stuck in the Indian Ocean), I am using an old Novoflex LTM/LTM bellows with LTM/M ring and M to L adapter plus a Schneider-Kreuznach Componon S 50/2.8 reprographics lens for macro work with my digital CL. I can get close to 0.5:1 magnification ratio. The Componon S, which I bought for slide digitisation with a Leitz BEOON copying stand, seems to have a very flat field and high resolution at its optimum f5.6. Wilson
  9. Das kann ich streckenweise durchaus nachvollziehen! .... Aber, fairerweise sollte man auch anmerken → Das gilt ja nicht NUR für „Wetzlar“, sondern, für alle „Digitalschleudern“, egal von welchem Hersteller diese stammen. Leica leidet sicherlich am meisten darunter, denn sie haben ja bewiesen, dass sie Kamera-Body´s bauen können, die über Jahrzehnte (auch dank des guten Service!) tadellos funktionieren können ... (Siehe auch deine M2.) Diese „lebenslange“ Garantie, die kann man nicht mehr aufrechterhalten ... da kann ein Body noch so gut gebaut sein, wenn z.b. die Sensoren nicht mehr auf Lager liegen, dann endet auch der Service. Man hört immer wieder, dass Leica doch eine Art „Volkskamera“ auf den Markt werfen soll, die billiger gefertigt/und auch verkauft wird und auf eine Lebenszeit von höchstens 8-10 Jahren ausgelegt ist ... Hm? ... Will man das wirklich? ... Ich wollte keiner der Entscheidungsträger sein, die sich dafür oder dagegen entscheiden müssten ... denn ein „Teil“ des „Leica-Mythos“ hängt auch mit der Unverwüstlichkeit und Einsatzbereitschaft über Jahrzehnte zusammen ... ein echtes Dilemma ... LG
  10. homeeer

    Reflecta MF5000

    Time Left: 20 days and 23 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    I am selling my scanner Reflecta MF5000. With the scanner Reflecta It is possible to scan besides the 35 mm, also 120/220 filmtypes, in 6x4, 5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9, 6x12 cm (Positive and Negative) film strips. Due to application of the 4-lines-CCD Sensor with Magic-Touch (automatic dust and scratch removal with the infrared sensor) you can expect excellent quality pictures. The scanner comes with the complete original packaging (original box, cables, film holders, SW etc.).

    899.00 EUR

  11. I was going to respond but it seems you managed to find the CL answer almost on your own. Maybe check the other unopened boxes to see if a Q or M is hiding somewhere ...
  12. .... it is marked in principle outside near the viewfinder if not another way is the indication of the optical frames as below Congrats for your M7 Best
  13. I am not sure about this but I do not believe that Silver Efex Pro2 can work with Raw files, only JPEGS and TIFFS. This was the case with the earlier versions, but maybe the new one is different, I haven't tried it so I don't know.
  14. There are a couple of other videos on YouTube of him where you can see he uses the non-TTL though. I suppose it's not impossible that he has 2 cameras.
  15. I’ve already ordered the limited edition Bruce Gilden version. It’s got a built-in flash and it’s only six inches long to get close to the action..
  16. Walker Castle Air Museum Atwater Ca M-P240/35mm Summicron ASPH
  17. It was at this point that I started running.... VLux Typ114
  18. Yes... it can be surprising, but, thinking well, such long focus lenses do have a focusing movement that is very wide, compared to the not so great length of a Viso. Of course, without the Viso you can "retract" the 400 at a level in which it goes "beyond infinity... 😃) , using the thumb-operated focus wheel ... but with the two knobs at the left side of the pistol one can "block" the movement in two points , so (supposed you don't need focus under the 20ft you quote) you can set one knob to the position corresponding to infinity focus without Viso... and is all OK.
  19. Frühling in Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim (Elmarit-M-90 mit Leica-Elpro-Nahlinse):
  20. Today
  21. Happy On The Water Early Leica D Lux/M-P240 35mm Summicron ASPH
  22. Will she be available for a shared photo with that newly purchased selfie stick?
  23. Please rest assured that they are not wasting their resources; like so many of their accessories they are sourced from outside companies on an OEM basis. (In this case it is believed that the supplier is a well known provider of outrageously overpriced straps.)
  24. S-Printing Horse vor der Print Media Academy, Heidelberg (gegenüber Hauptbahnhof, Summicron-R-50):
  25. Perhaps you can order 500 sticks to distribute them via the LUF as an Eastern present?
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