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  2. You can always order one and use it for a day or two; return it if you don't like it. B&H will take it back with no questions asked. At $900, it's 1/4th the cost of a clean 75 Summilux and 1/3rd that of a 2nd-hand Summicron APO. Nothing to lose.
  3. peterb


    Hopefully this works.
  4. Well, I have prepaid for the SL 35mm F2 and have been told it should be here in about 2 weeks. The DOX report has not made me decide to cancel my order. I purchased it partially because of what the Leica lens designer said, for auto focus and smaller size on the SL, I find I consistently have my 35mm mounted on my M240 over the 50mm, the good reviews and positive comments from current owners and lastly some Leica Marketing on their website for the SL 35mm F2. This last bit really made me hand over the credit card and I am day dreaming about the possibilities on my new SL2. I hope to have the lens for a long time.
  5. Hard to find Series VII IR-cut filters. If you have a 12504 hood, a 49mm filter should fit if you drop it upside down as i tried to explain above. BTW glad to see that Mr Rockwell agrees with me. Not sure if he was born when i got my first Summilux though . Just kidding.
  6. @johnbuckley, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the three Leica Monochrom cameras - this is an excellent essay and is valuable information for a guy like me who is giving serious thought to investing in a copy of the M10 Monochrom.
  7. An evocative and beautiful shot. Great B&W conversion.
  8. It's a work in progress slow progress. I was told to be patient. very patient
  9. I've got a 50 APO; it presents a slice of life and a moment in time in perfectly corrected color, without sentimentality or exaggeration. Had a Summilux ASPH and it was a lovely lens but had limited occasion to use it at ƒ/1.4. For the Mandler imprint, a 75 Summilux is a keener choice by my personal reckoning. I have several LTM 50's (Canon 50/1.4, 1.8 & Nikkor 50/1.4) that impart their own unique imprimatur. The Summilux became superfluous.
  10. Here’s some more 28 Art/SL2 shots. First shot is cropped, second is not. Both lens correction off (due to too much vignetting correction for me). Both processed with Mastin Labs Tri-X film look preset. Has anyone used these Mastin labs presets to mimic the look of different films?
  11. Sunrise in the neighborhood
  12. You can advertise it in the classified section of this forum, try your hand on eBay with the well-known caution, or give it to you trusted dealer for a commission sale.
  13. OK.... a 50MM lux APO for the M. I wonder how much that is going to cost if they did actually produce this lens and also, how much bigger would it have to be? My guess would be somewhere between the price of the F2 APO and the Noct 0.95, so, 11-12k USD.
  14. A processing question for anyone who is willing to chime in. The above post is a B&W JPG from the camera that was compressed using Adobe Elements so it would fit on the board. I am generally very happy with the way the Q2 processes the B&W JPG. I also have the picture in RAW from. If I bring my RAW image into Elements I have been unable to reproduce the look/processing that was done on the in-camera conversion to B&W. Instead I end up cropping if needed and just working with the JPG. On the other hand when I want a color image I find that the in-camera conversion to JPG is not nearly as pleasing and I get a much better result working with the RAW file and using Elements to create the JPG. Is there some way that I can port over the parameters for the JPG B&W conversion and still use my RAW image? Can I get better JPGs from the camera?
  15. Well that is certainly true! Location?
  16. After shooting the APO, everything else pales in comparison for me. Especially if you shoot many shots wide open on both lenses. Wide open, the lux is very soft everywhere except the very center circle. So, if you tend to prefer composing with subjects in the middle, then no problem at all. But if you shoot with subjects off center, you’ll need to stop down with the lux in most cases if you want it sharp. I’ve tried in the past to sell all my 50 lux lenses but somehow ended up still owning 2 of them as shelf decor.
  17. Got a ping from B&H to expect mine on Tuesday! We’ll see how this baby performs...
  18. Very nice...love the misty background. Beaut action in the geese. (maybe crop the buoy out of the image)
  19. Auckland Buskers' Festival M10-D, ISO 100, f/1.4, 1/180 ND filter, SEF Pro
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