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  2. Oh, it's not GAS, I've been going at this for a while. Though I was pleased with the results I was getting with the old lens mix, having to put adapters on the LTMs, and dragging the CL along just to use its lenses kind of became a hassle. To be honest, my original plan was to switch to digital, and for that I was going to buy a Fuji X100F. But the store tried to pass off their demonstrator as new, and I took a pivot back to the M4-P. Since I already had the VC 35/2.5, I thought about just getting a Summicron V5. After crunching some numbers (the Konica is half the price of a Summicron), I decided that I could redo the whole kit, plus add a VC Meter II. That completes what I had planned to do all along, just at an accelerated rate. It makes sense to separate the CL from the M4-P so that I don't ever walk out the door with a lens in the wrong bag. Heck, one time I arrived at a location, only to find all I had was lenses, and no camera body. Don't need that to happen again. And the CL makes a nice two-lens daily user, or small travel outfit. PF
  3. He sums it up nicely...and slowly so that one can follow with subtitles.
  4. Thanks, Bart. It turned out to be a local problem at my service provider's end. After a couple of resets the problem was resolved. Thanks for all your help.
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  6. OK this one is totally certifiable. I was trying to shoot the air show, and pulled out a Rollei Zeiss 250mm MF lens, with adapter to Canon, then to L mount. Couldn't find a plane but found other flying object nearby. So this is handheld, manual focus, cropped.... 1/800 sec. ISO 1600. In the original you can count the hairs on the legs.
  7. The Flower Collector Northwest Colonial Festival, Port Angeles, WA Leica SL, Leica Summilux-SL 50mm f/1.4 ASPH.
  8. Leica APO-Summicron-SL 50mm f/2 ASPH. Just picked it up today. Leica SL
  9. It seems it is the circuit board, rather than the light meter itself, that is non-repairable. Therefore, if your light meter ceases functioning because of a faulty circuit board, Leica can not provide a replacement. However, if it is not the circuit board, but a broken wiring connection or electrical component (resistor, diode, etc) in theory, it should be repairable. Finding a technician who can diagnose the fault and repair it is another matter. In short, it’s a risk. If you want to rake that gamble, go ahead with the TTL. If not, save up for an MP 0.58. I have one, and it is a wonderful camera. The 0.58 is a real treat with a 28 or 35mm lens, and you are completely justified in pursuing it. Best of luck in your search! J
  10. Leica SL & Sigma 45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary 019. Really makes the Leica SL sensor produce the goods. http://untitled-190.jpg by Ross Funnell, on Flickr
  11. Leica SL & Sigma 45 mm f2.8 DG DN http://untitled-267.jpg by Ross Funnell, on Flickr
  12. Perhaps true, but I enjoy the process of making images with the camera more than working at the computer. Just how I prefer to spend my time...
  13. Incredible colors! Really an eyecatcher!
  14. I really like it Adam! Totally different to most of your landscape photos. Completely another mood!
  15. Kodak Ektar 100 - Contax G1 + CZ 45mm f/2 Huntington Beach Southside by Bluesky Overaquatic, on Flickr
  16. Kodak Ektar 100 - Contax G1 + CZ 45mm f/2 Huntington Beach Southside by Bluesky Overaquatic, on Flickr
  17. I'm in 100% agreement. This is photography, not a popularity contest.
  18. I think the CL would be a good choice for a beginner - it is small, light and with a 24mp sensor and the ability to change lenses and even use M lenses, it is still a serious camera that she can grow with.
  19. The Leica engineers devised firmware upgrade process is completely thoughtless. I upgraded the SL body first, then three lenses. Each time the upgrade runs through its paces, in my case 4 times, (almost) all user settings get wiped out. Ridiculous.
  20. I'm planning to attend as long as the trains play nicely. Probably bring my IIIg and decide what lens(es) on the day. I assume the venue is still the Black Country Living Museum near Dudley? I should be able to get there by about 11.00. Pete.
  21. +1. I struggle with this a lot both with my Q2 but way more with my Cañon 11-24 lens. It’s very sensitive to not being exactly at a right angle to the subject. I dislike keystone buildings and try and fix in LR assuming I’m not too far out of the ideal position.
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