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Barnack Challenge Rules


Posted on behalf of Bill, the originator of the Barnack Challenge






The Barnack Challenge runs four times a year, on or about the start of each season.


It is open to all Leica User Forum members.


In order to participate you must shoot one roll of film in line with a predefined theme within a defined seven to fourteen day period (defined by the person setting the theme) using a Screwmount or early fixed-lens Leica. You may use any lens, regardless of age or manufacturer, as long as it is LTM.


Select your shot that in your view best matches the theme and post it onto a single thread set up for the purpose by the organiser. Post-processing of your image should be kept to a minimum - nothing that couldn't be done in a wet darkroom fifty years ago. You may post your image any size within forum rules.


The thread will be open for postings but NOT for voting until a declared date to allow all entries to be posted before voting starts. Your entries are not anonymous; feel free to post camera, lens and film details.


Voting will then be opened. Votes may then be cast on the following basis:


Three points for best, two points for second and one point for third.


Voting runs for two weeks. One vote per member, no voting for your own image.


The winner gets the right to set the theme for the next Barnack Challenge.

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