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how many lens in your bag?

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#1 stump4545


    Erfahrener Benutzer

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 21:59

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right now i travel and shoot with a 21mm, 35mm , and a 50mm and m9.

so i got three lens a keep in my bag.

not sure if i want to keep my 21mm in my day bag and rock with only the 35mm and 50mm

how many lenses in your bag?
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#2 01af


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:03

You can have too many lenses ... but never enough.
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#3 Manolo Laguillo

Manolo Laguillo

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:15

35 almost always on the M9

but 50 and 24 are there as well...

#4 rramesh


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:16

Let me see ....
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#5 rramesh


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:17

Let me see .... Now where's my bag ...
Pixels dancing to the rhythm of the moment.
Ramchand Ramesh

#6 IkarusJohn



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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:24

For a little while now, I have struggled with with which lenses to leave behind - each has tremendous appeal.

So now I carry one on the camera. That's it.
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#7 Jaybob


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:33

I bring all 3 leica lenses for M or NEX shooting
28, 50, 90 (on the NEX they translate to 42, 75, 135.)

The 28 spends the most time in the bag. The 50 spends the most time attached.

The Nikon bag is quite a bit bigger and heavier.

M3, M6, adapted NEX-6
Voigtlander 35 1.4 SC, Summicron 50 (rigid), Elmarit 90, Hektor 13.5 cm (along with many Nikon bodies and Nikkor lenses)


#8 FM2N



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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:38

35mm, 50mm and 90mm

#9 kokoshawnuff


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:46

For travel in cities I stick to 21, 35, 90. If I'm going somewhere out of a city I'm happy to take more focal lengths always trying to include a 135 perhaps replacing the 35 with a 50. Ultimately it's allways a p.i.t.a. trying to decide what I want when traveling, but one lens one camera is an easy solution.

#10 Virginia Bill

Virginia Bill

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 22:54

Long story. I got back into Leica by finding treasure in a dying camera store: M6, 15mm Voigtlander; 21mm Elmarit; 35, 50, and 90 Summicrons; and 135 Elmarit. I bought the lot for much less than they were worth then traded the M6, the 21, and the 90 for a very nice M8. Since that transaction I've bought a 75mm Summarit. So I have five lenses. I use all of them but find myself gravitating to the 50, even with the M8's crop factor.

#11 philipus


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 23:48

50Lux LTM

It depends but usually I go for as few as possible which usually means 50a and the 90EM or - mostly - only the/a 50.


Choice of subject is of course left to personal preference, but a few rules at the beginning will help to avoid mistakes.

#12 Michael Geschlecht

Michael Geschlecht

    Erfahrener Benutzer

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Posted 28 April 2012 - 00:26

Hello Everybody,

Camera & 1st lens w/ rigid lens hood can vary. 2d lens is a small, sturdy, table tripod w/ a large ball head & a cable release. This can often be more useful than having 2 other additional lenses. New capabilities coupled w/ a new perspective.

Best Regards,


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#13 jaapv



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Posted 28 April 2012 - 00:36

Don’t ask...:rolleyes::o



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#14 bpalme


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 04:24

I usually just store stuff in my bag and rarely carry it out to shoot.. I have 4 in the bag, would be more but that's all I own. Headed out to shoot I usually take 1 attached and another on my belt in a LenZpocket case.
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#15 fWord


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 04:31

In my opinion, the OP should travel with all three lenses. Three small lenses is not a whole lot to be carrying around.

I usually carry only the M8 and a 28 Summicron, but if I were to go for a trip with the M8 only, then I'd take my only other lens, a Wollensak 90/4.5.
I don't do things in 'half-measures'.
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#16 thighslapper


    Grumpy Old Fart

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Posted 28 April 2012 - 17:58

Usually one or two more than I need :rolleyes:

I now carry my camera and have a seperate tiny Lowepro compact camera bag which has just enough room for 3 lenses.

There then ensues half an hour of dithering trying to decide which ones to take......

and I still end up not using all of them.....:o

#17 pgk



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Posted 28 April 2012 - 18:07

right now i travel and shoot with a 21mm, 35mm , and a 50mm and m9.

My set up too. I'm happy to leave 1 or 2 lenses behind and shoot with any 1 or 2 of the others. I might get a 4th (75 or 90 obviously) but I am unsure whether to or which to think about. 3 is probably enough..... maybe;).



#18 LucisPictor


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 18:26

In my "Leica-bag" I have

Leica IIIa syn
Jupiter-12 2.8/35
Jupiter-8 2/50
Leica Summitar 2/5cm
Leica Elmar 4/90
Leica Digilux 2
Leica C2

In my "NEX-bag" I have about the same number of items.

And when I take a DSLR, it depends on what I plan to do.

Carsten ...

Womit ich fotografiere? Mit einigen Sachen mit 'nem roten Punkt und mit vielen anderen Sachen auch. ;)

Schaut doch mal in meinen Blog: RetroCamera.de
Dort verkaufe ich auch immer mal wieder ein paar Sachen... > Und auch in der "Bucht"...

#19 skinnfell


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 18:27

My packing plan usually looks like this:

Stroll + Holiday trip = 1 lens
Small reportage = Two lenses
Large reportage = Three lenses

In other words I always try to bring as few lenses as possible unless I am getting paid or working on a specific project.
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#20 SJP


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 20:47

One less than I need. Or at least that is what I tell SWMBO.
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