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  • Production era - 1933-1939
  • Type - Universal viewfinder for the focal lengths 3.5-13.5 cm with non-zoom, mirror-image with parallax adjusting FOOT lever.
  • Variants - Early models have a one piece conical nose; later version had a rounded collar between the nose cone and the body; Black and nickel, black and chrome or all chrome with long or short accessory clip and slight variations in overall length.
    • VIDOM, Camera version (left 2 images)
    • HEER, gray paint, wartime version with masks locked at 13.5 cm without parallax adjustment. Stereo version also produced during the war.
    • KINSU - Cine version (right image) for 1.5 to 15 cm lenses. The eyepiece has a large eye-cup.
  • Evolution - Preceded by VILLO and replaced by VIOOH
  • Reference
  • Designer - Ernst Leitz II
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