R8/R9 Drive

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R89ds.jpg R89d.jpg

  • Production era - 1996-2009
  • Code name - 14313
  • Speed - Continuous 4.5 frames per second shooting in addition to single-shot and 2 frames per second. It provides additional shutter releases - on the handgrip and on the vertical grip on the base. Enables three-shot auto-bracketing of exposure in 0.5 or 1 EV increments.
  • Power supply - The accessory MD R8/R9 battery pack, consisting of eight NiMH cells, powers both the LEICA MOTOR-DRIVE R8/R9 and the camera, and when fully charged and operating at room temperature will advance 100 36-exposure rolls. The associated quick charger recharges the battery pack in a maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes.
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  • Serial nos. - -01473-