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man:men 01/01/12 21:52

Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
I hope you had a very good starting the year 2012.

I counted it three times and I hope I didn't made any mistake.
I had to take care not to count Uli's votes two times.

And here are the results:
1. man:men 24 pts.
2. 61MGA 14 pts.
3. mdaguy 12 pts.
3. mikren 12 pts
3. monsieur nobs 12 pts.

So we have 5 winners this time. :)
And some others are close to them.
My heartly congratulations to all the other winners.
But I think, we are all winners who were in here with a contribution!!
Thank you all again and good luck the next time!

It's up to me now again to find a good theme.
We'll see. Might be in the beginning of March.

Please let me mention one more thing:
christoph said to my picture: "it looks as if it also could be under water..."
So let me say, at this day it rained cats and dogs and I really felt like being under water!! I always had to protect my IIIf carefully with my body.
Nevertheless I made a lot of photos like the one in the contribution at this day.
And I love them all.

And it was completely impossible to keep the big lense of my digital slr dry this day.
So I was glad that my fantastic IIIf worked an worked and worked and worked…
What I want to say is, that this shows one more time the continuous superiority of these old fashioned cameras under such extreme circumstances. ;)
BTW, if it has to be improved that it's wothwile itself to go out in the rain you can see it in the result here. ;)

Have a good time.
I'm looking forward to see you next time here again.

eckart 01/01/12 22:13

AW: Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
Thank you and congratulations Manfred...and of course to all other winners and nearly winners;)

mdaguy 02/01/12 01:28

Re: Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
Congratulations to man:men!! Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to man:men for his extra effort and administrative work.

Looking forward to the next challenge in March!!


christoph_d 02/01/12 14:33

Re: Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
Congratulations to the winner(s), thanks to the organizer(s), looking forward to the next one,



mikren 02/01/12 18:19

AW: Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
Congrats to man:men and the rest of the winning-gang :D

I'm looking forward to see the next challenge.

61MGA 02/01/12 21:21

Re: Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
Thank you everyone, I feel privileged for a second place in my first attempt, particularly among such a strong field. Also the diversity was inspiring!

I look forward to the next Challenge.


bill 03/01/12 10:23

Re: Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
A worthy winner! Well done to all who took part - I can't believe we are up to #17 now - what a testament to the energy put in to keeping these beauties "alive".



Stefan2010 04/01/12 11:55

AW: Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
Congratulation and many thanks to the Winner and organizer, to all of you taking part in this challenge with wonderful photos.

I'm happy to look forward for the next challenge in March


buranca 09/01/12 18:12

Re: Barnack Challenge #17 - Final results
Sorry I missed the challenge! Holidays had me tied up.

Well done everyone!

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