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Men / Women at Work Barnack Challenge No6

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Default AW: Vote here from 10/15 to 10/21

1. On the Roof - like-a-leica
2. waitress..... - telewatt
3. Last hays - jc_braconi
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Default AW: Vote here from 10/15 to 10/21

1. fishy business
2. last hays
3. waitress
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Default AW: Vote here from 10/15 to 10/21

1. Last hays

2. On the roof

3. The shoe repairman
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Default Re: AW: Vote here from 10/15 to 10/21

1st place: shoe repairman
2nd place: waitress
3rd place: carpenter
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Default Re: Vote here from 10/15 to 10/21

1st Deli work
2nd Last hays
3rd Waitress

Any comment here is just my opinion. Yours may differ.

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Default Re: Vote here from 10/15 to 10/21

1st Last hays
2nd Shoe repair
3rd Box shifter

Good job, good luck.
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Default AW: Vote here from 10/15 to 10/21

and the winner is......????
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