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Leica X Challenge Section for the X Challenges / Bereich für die X Wettbewerbe - für Bilder mit Leica X1, X2 und X Vario

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Default First X1 Challenge Results!

Sorry for the delay, here're the results:

Winner: Kjell Martin - 50 pts

1st Runner-up: Fotografr - 41 pts

2nd Runner-up: Craft - 30 pts

Please PM me on shipment details of prizes, plus what words are to be engraved on the prizes. Kjell Martin will win a customized stainless steel name card holder with his winning entry engraved for posterity, and other words/messages he chooses to put on it as well, plus a keyring/mobile phone accessory also with customized engraving plus the winning entry engraved on it. Kjell Martin also gets to name the theme of the next challenge, which I propose to hold a much longer shooting time from next week till mid January spanning the entire festive season.

Fotografr and Craft can choose either a keyring / a mobile phone accessory with the winning entry engraved plus words/messages of choice. Also state if the phone is an iPhone, in which case the attachment is different.

Contest was close, really neck-to-neck, congratulations to all the winners. A big thank you to all participants and voters. The X1 has proven to be a real gem behind the right people (namely us haha) and we ought to continue to better our skills with it.

You guys all deserve a big pat on the back! happy shooting, and see you again for the 2nd X1 challenge!

A big thank you to Bill and Andy too...couldnt have pulled it off without your constant guidance and encouragement.

PS: Heard there is concrete news that the X1 new firmware update is imminent, think of how good the X1 is now and how much better it can be soon, and the entries we'll see the next round!

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andybarton (17/11/10), ChiILX1 (18/11/10), Douglasco (21/11/10), fotografr (24/11/10), robert_parker (02/12/10), RockyIII (19/11/10), santdtman (01/12/10), spylaw4 (12/12/10), wolffmeister (22/11/10)

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