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Beitrag Leica 1A

Can anyone give me more details on a Leica 1A .
The serial number is 212XX which dates this camera from a 1929 batch of 8,104 cameras, serial numbers 13,375 - 21,478 (from Leica Historica Band 1). Assuming that Leitz in 1929 would not have produced all 8,104 cameras in one go, they must have produced lots of smaller batches. Leica Historica Band 1 details production batches in great detail from 1930 onwards.
The camera is an export model (GB or USA) as the focusing scale is in feet and it is the close focus model (minimum focus distance 1.5 feet).
I e-mailed Leica to ask if they could check their factory delivery records, but they could not (or would not help) which is a pity as they would have the details of where this camera was delivered and its delivery date.
I realise that it is probably a request Leica get asked a lot and they probably do not have the resources available for this.
However Leica should realise that as well as collecting older Leitz equipment people like myself also buy lots of new equipment and are actually keeping them in business
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Default AW: Leica 1A


somebody should help you. Maybe you should post this question in the int. forum?

Don´t ask what a camera can do for you, ask what you can do for a good photo!
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Default AW: Leica 1A

hi, I am design student from chile
I need some information too.
Im making an investigation about the Leica 1 model A, and I dont know where to find engineering datas specific of this camera.
This is the information that I need
* real dimensions
* weight
* original price
* materiality
* ergonomics ( is coherent?)
* used technique to construct it (weld, assembly, etc)
* finished (to details, used painting, it has texture? what type of painting)
* packing, comes in a case that contains it or a box
* declared use ( the legitim and original idea for the utility of this camera, for journalism? or for which utility?
*precedents, how it has evolved his form and its functionality?

I liked to have the camera to remove the measures by myself, but I do not have it. For that reason I request to him to which has this camera or that knows these data, if please it could help me at soon at is posible. I would be very thankful
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Default AW: Leica 1A

>> Daniela

You ought to start your own thread with this queery ...
Your question might get lost otherwise.

There is a lot to be said - and to write - on this subject. Before starting from scratch try google (or whatever machine).

Also try for a beginning:

Stephen Gandy, cameraquest, (again google his name) and you find rough data on all kinds of Leicas.



Got one around somewhere; I could give the weight with and without a lens, for much more I run out time....

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Default AW: Leica 1A

Hi Alan & Daniela , I suggest the Publication " Leica the first 70 years" from Gianni Rogliatti a Hove book. Just looking at the book there are design drawings many excellent photos some pricing plus many more details to be had.
Perhaps your local library , if you do not whish to purchase?
Good luck Manfred
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