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Default Lightroom and Presets

In the excitement surrounding the LR2 release (it is an fantastic upgrade to LR1), I wanted to pass along some links to Lightroom Presets.

Presets -- exuse me if I am repeating old info, but I only recently discovered their usefulness -- are user-generated settings (curves/clarity/sharpening, etc) designed to give a specific look ("old time black and white", "dramatic colors", "awsome sky") to your pictures. Some are very useful, some not at all, but, at the very least, presets give you quick "ideas" on getting creative while processing photos in LR. In the develop module, you can preview them, apply one to a photo, and tweak it to suit.

Lightroom 300 Presets (Download) mikelao photography
Adobe Lightroom FREE*Presets - Blog - Heather Green Photography

Lightroom Presets Directory. Free Lightroom presets and where to find them for free

M8 Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets

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Default Re: Lightroom and Presets


The biggest problem for me is not that someone posts something that has been posted before. It's that with all the posts you kind of lose track. So it's nice when someone picks up the ball and gives it new kick.

So thanks, found some new usefull toys in your links.

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