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Ausrufezeichen Heads up on a Leica Camera Lens Scam on Craigslist

I wanted to share a scam with all of you who may be like myself, looking for some Leica lenses for their M8 camera. I use a search engine to search all of the listing on Craigslist for camera lenses. I found two really good deals, and e-mailed the different sellers. One seller is located in Tennessee, the other in Washington, D.C. The funny thing is that the reply for both listing was identical (just different names). Here is the reply that I got:

Thank you for your email but before i answer to any of your questions i`m afraid i have some bad news, i am not in US right now, i am in Canada visiting my parents ranch. I can not meet you to complete the sale but that`s not going to be a problem because i will do the transaction through iSOLD It.

They are the largest eBay selling service but it`s possible that you never heard of them if you don`t sell or buy often on the internet. Their website is iSOLD It - The Easy Way to Sell on eBay. When i left in Canada, i left the item along with several other items in the iSOLD It custody because i wanted to sell them on eBay when i return, but something came up back home and i decided to sell this one before i get back but not on ebay because i need to sell it faster.

So if you are serious and still interested let me know because i can make the transaction immediately and i will explain all the details of the transaction .

<person's name>

Be careful out there buying lenses. I already got taken by someone in the Northwest selling a 90mm lens that was defective. He wouldn't take it back, and said there was nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, I have had great dealing with Craigslist. You just need to be careful and smart.

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Default Re: Heads up on a Leica Camera Lens Scam on Craigslist

very sound advise
"There is nothing worse than a brilliant image of a fuzzy concept."- Ansel Adams

Regards Kenneth
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Default Re: Heads up on a Leica Camera Lens Scam on Craigslist

As is said on the Craig's List scam page, buy locally and in person.

craigslist | about > scams

And still be careful.

If something seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

eBay is at least set up to deal at a distance, but take care there, too.
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Default Re: Heads up on a Leica Camera Lens Scam on Craigslist

Whoever the seller is, he surely lacks much in his prose

What a hatchet job on the Queen's English!

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