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Default Two questions about Attachments.....

Hello guys , i have searched on the forum but i didn't find a reply ......

N.1 : Is it possible to delete a previous image uploaded as Attachment ???
In the list of my Attachments there is no choice to do this.....

N:2 : in a my possible reply in a thread if i want to show a picture from my just uploaded attachments how have i to do ??? when i click on the Attachments icons and also on the arrow i only get the uploaded window .... how can i get the list of my Attachments to choose the one i want in my post ????

Sorry if these questions have been just answered somewhere in the forum , but i just didn't find it.....

Thanks in advance for your reply !!
My warm regards, Gianluca

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Default Re: Two questions about Attachments.....

Gianluca -

The answer to the first question is simple. You can change a post and its attachments within an hour of posting. During that time, you will see a red button to the bottom right of your post which reads "edit". After pressing this button, you'll have to select "Go advanced". There, you will find the office clip icon which lets you manage the attachments to the post.

To show an image you (or anyone else) has posted, right click on the image and copy the URL (or address) of the image. Within the post where you want to include the image, click in the icon which lets you insert an image (insertimage.gif) and insert the address (URL) of the image.

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azzo (12/01/13), janlu (12/01/13)
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Default Re: Two questions about Attachments.....

Philipp -

Thanks very much for the quick and very clear reply !!!

You really have answered to my questions , thanks again

My best regards and have a nice week-end .

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Thank You says
pop (12/01/13)
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Default Re: Two questions about Attachments.....

There is also a sticky thread about how to upload attachments at the top of this sub-section

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