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Default Re: The REAL M-240 sample images - congrats to Jono Slack

Originally Posted by Hannes Lummes View Post
Hello Jono,

Thank you for the pictures. The one with the dog and child in snow is excellent in showing some slight color moire and false color artifacts. What was the lens in that?
Hah - now Emma will be really pleased! Mind you, she is quite small (it's my wife of more than 30 years).

This was taken with the 50 AA summicron wide open at f2. a fairly brutal weapon! I think it shows of the detail very well.

Originally Posted by Hannes Lummes View Post
What about wide angle lenses and the sensors claimed ability to cope with them better than M9? Did you take any pictures with uncoded wide lenses to see how much color cast there is?
Yes indeed - I'm sorry there are no samples. It's much much better than the M9, although the CV 15 still produces some vignetting (as you might expect). Colour shift itself (i.e. with different colours on different sides) is not something I've seen at all - even doing silly things like manually coding a WATE as an 80/200 f4 R lens (yes, I've done things as silly as that!)

Originally Posted by Hannes Lummes View Post
I'm the first one in line in the relevant camera shop (the one with the Leica corner....blah...) in Finland, interesting to see if I will get my camera at the same time as people in "more important" countries.
Good Luck!
kind regards
jono slack
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