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Default Re: help me decide; sell X100 for Leica yes/no?

There are a few things I'd like to comment about..

First, I shoot digital. I have the M9, which I like and intend to keep for sure. I also like film, but aside of casual 2-3 times a year - it's not for me. I'm too much of the "get it now" kind of guy for it. That being said, I'd seriously like a digital camera producing "film photos", if that makes any sense So that was the "caveat emptor" part.

Ok, somebody said film cameras are just light-tight-boxes. Well, that's true but there's also other things to it that play a role. Fex. Leica M's have their distinct focusing system (rangefinder) that's different to others and also there's Leica's metering system on the later models. Now, these do not play into actual quality of photo in them selves BUT they do affect the process. If the OP feels "Leica light processing unit" or Leica M gives him inspiration and helps get better photos - then by all means it's the way to go.

I've owned a Bessa R3A at one point and it was a great camera. No doubt about that and I can also recommend it highly. But these things are always personal choices.. it's a bit like placebo medicine - for some it works

Then for the differences between film and digital. I saw this brilliant video by Kodak that explains it quite nicely. Made me go "holy cr*p!" when I saw it... it's biased towards film somewhat but I found it very interesting. Here's the link for the youtube video: Primer on Film and Digital Capture by Rob Hummel at Cine Gear Expo 2011 - YouTube

I suggest you check it. Gives some food for thought!

That being said, I'm still sticking with digital and with M9.

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