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Default Re: help me decide; sell X100 for Leica yes/no?

Hmm, you prefer the look of film? As suggested, tweaking images in PP, simply adding more contrast, produces a more film-like effect. But not totally. I cannot agree that scanned film has the same "flat" look as digital. Good quality scans reproduce most of the nuances of film, although colors may need adjusting. Second, digital is not "flat". M9 images are distinctly 3D. There is a still a difference compared with film, though. What is it exactly? Perhaps somebody can define the difference more precisely.

If the X100 is not producing the images you are happy with, absolutely sell for M2 or M3 which will last forever! But factor in the cost and hassle of getting film developed, which may or may not still be available in a location near you.
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