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My guess is you'll appreciate the use of a view finder with the X1, so you might wish to factor in the cost of that - you should be able to get an X1 with a viewfinder for around €1400 new or €850-€1100 second hand.

You'll love the quality of the X1 lens. See here for the most comprehensive evaluation I have seen anywhere Leica X1 - camera review - Introduction -

If I was buying new now, I'd also be curious to compare the Fuji X Pro 1 with 35mm lens (50mm equivalent), that together will cost about the same money, when it launches in 2 months' time.

I would be surprised to see optical quality beaten for the price: so unless you want more flexibility than the X1 offers, such as interchangeable lenses or faster low light focusing, the X1 is still a really solid performer and is capable of exceptionally high image quality.

Enjoy; I have never had more enjoyment with a camera than the X1.
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