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Default Re: New Fuji X-Pro 1

1. As expected, overall. Nice to see an f/1.4 prime introduced from the beginning and as the "kit" lens, rather than an afterthought (as in m4/3rds system). Shades of buying one's first Nikon F with 50 f/1.4 prime c. 1965....

2. Yes, a digital "Contax G." I'll wait to see if Fuji follows the Contax in eventually adding 21mm and 35mm "equivalent" focal lengths (14mm and 24mm). Or even a nice "Hologon-y" 15mm equivalent 12mm. (OTOH, that last can be handled via an adapted CV 12mm).

3. (for yanidel) - the lenses likely CAN be manually scale-focused, using a scale in the viewfinder or LCD (rather than on the lens barrel). See Fuji X-100 finder here: Fujifilm FinePix X100 Review: 6. Viewfinder and displays: Digital Photography Review Look on the back LCD and scale-focus - look on the lens and scale-focus - not much real-world difference.

At least Fuji is including aperture rings - something missing in recent NikCanSony lenses costing more than a whole X-Pro system.

We'll have to see if Fuji avoided the main failing in the G series focus operation - that even when manually focused, the lenses had to reset to infinity after each shot, and then move back to their preset focus distance. Sloow.....

4. Interesting that ReponsesPhotos broke this (along with others) - they also had the right info on the M9 and the original Canon 5D, as I recall, when doubters said "not yet possible."

I'm definitely interested to see how the "stochastic" color pixel array performs, as well as the lenses. AND it will be interesting to see how third-party software (Adobe, CaptureOne, etc.) do when their de-bayerization algorithms have to handle a raw image without a fixed bayer pattern.
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