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Default Re: what is going on?????

Originally Posted by andybarton View Post
You want Leica to open up their software (I assume you mean Firmware) as Open Source?

And, presumably, still honour their warranty?

No manufacturer will ever do that.
Computers running Linux do not void their warranty, nor do any computers I know which can run open source, including Apple and Windows systems. Perhaps there is a difference because the M9, etc. would have proprietary chip designs revealed. Perhaps there is a fragility Leica does not want to reveal (and certainly a device without a sophisticated OS is inherently fragile and highly dependent upon the firm/soft ware.)

As an advocate for open source, I don't care and I don't believe Leica should care: after all, it is not as if they have some advanced features that other digital cameras do not.

I do not understand yet why Leica can 'fix' a frozen-up camera in a moment and we cannot, or are not allowed to. I wish I were clever enough to decompile the code and chips to machine code. Those days are long past for me.
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