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Originally Posted by stephan_w View Post
Nice picture , but I have seen softer bokeh on other lenses. Maybe a matter of taste as well
Well, that "Pear Picking" shot wasn't even shot completely wide open, but at f/2.8 to keep the girl in just the right amount of focus for the distance she was from the camera. At f/2.5 she went just a wee tad to soft. So the further background could have been even tiny bit softer/dreamier.

I agree, there are dreamier bokehs like with a M75/1.4 or Noctilux ... or even with some of the alt lenses you can use on a S2 ... like the Zeiss 110/2FE and Pentax 80/1.8 which rely on lens imperfections for their unique look ... but these are either a longer focal length or a faster aperture and of course will throw out the background more than a 70/2.5. My Hasselblad HC 100/2.2 will also do that, especially on a larger sensor H4D/60 camera compared to the S2 sensor size.

The "taste card" can be played for any comment ... and there has to be some criteria we each apply to our judgements which will be subjective. But I doubt many would find the S70 Bokeh to be unpleasant as implied by your blanket statement ... the specular highlights are nice and round, and the mid-range OOF edges are not "wormy".

The proof is in the pictures for others to evaluate using their critria, not just in words : -)

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