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Default Re: S2, worth it?

Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
I did not know that.

With the H system i was thinking of sticking it to my view camera too.

Yes, you CAN use the H4D back on a view camera ... the H4D/50 or H4D/60 ... but the H4D/31 or H4D/40 are not recommended for this type application because they employ micro-lenses on the sensor ... so when you do any T/S work color casts are produced.

I've used the back from a H3D-II/39, and my H4D/60, on a Rollei Xact-II view camera tethered to a computer to excellent effect.

If you want to use an H back on a field technical camera like an ALPA, then you must also use a power source to power the back because the back is normally powered by the H4D camera's grip battery. There are a number of power sources that can be used, the most used one being Hasselblad's Image Bank-II which is a small hard-drive that plugs into the FW800 port of the back and also powers the digital back. The H4D/60 digital back has been designed to take a new independent power source from Hasselblad, but it has yet to be launched for purchase.

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