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Default Re: Red Edge--Which lenses?

Hi All,

I'll add to somewhat unrelated thoughts to this conversation.

1. Quite some time ago with an original M8, there was a particular day where I was shooting a predominantly white facade office building in bright sunlight with a 18mm. It was the first time I noticed quite prominently "red' (magenta) running the entire length of the left side of the frame. It took me by surprise but at times wasn't repeatable to a great extent. It may have been brought on by the combination of subject and strong lighting (and direction of the light). Of course appropriate UVIR filter was on lens and it was coded.

2. Without rehashing the possible difficulties of re-writing firmware to address red left edge (with possible right cyan edge)...the overwhelming question for me has been this......... although realizing the issue may be due to multiple factors (particular lens used, sensor, body or lens variations)...if it was due to any number of variances in these items...then why is the red almost always predominantly seen on the left edge (often accompanied by lower bottom of frame)? If there was variation in tolerances of lenses, so that some samples exacerbated the problem due to misalignment, wouldn't it then be random, which edge showed red when various offending misaligned lenses were used? Why always predominantly the right side if the sensor placement is symmetrical?

Dave (D&A)
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