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Default Re: More S2 tests and Phase One comparisons


Thank you for posting these, I have not really paid attention to MF backs for quite a while and can only say the noise you show at 1200 looks a lot like lower ISO shots 8-10 years ago so clearly things have moved forward. That is good.

Im a little surprised over the amount of noise at in all of these systems, though in my mind this is really of no consequence as a large print is where it is at anyway. I don't think 100% pixel on screen is the destination of very many S2 files.

Maybe the important ingredient here is the form factor and handling. The ability to stuff the camera and a 70mm on top of my backpack, vs the PhaseOne in the same scenario. For me personally, the weather proofing of the lenses and camera make up more than the price difference, the fact that Leica is amusingly confident in their dishwasher proof lenses.

However for somebody shooting maybe tethered in studio or on location with no fear of ocean splash - I suspect that more inexpensive cameras may compete. Agree the file will get nicer as the firmware become more refined, but this is also a case of "the whole is more than the parts" this package is entirely unique for what it does in this form-factor.

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